Anomander Rake – The first version of the AI

I’ve decided to name the different versions of the AI after characters in Steven Eriksons epic series ‘Malazan book of the fallen‘. We’ve now completed the first version of the AI, Anomander Rake:

Anomander Rake was the Lord of Moon’s Spawn and the leader of the Tiste Andii. Anomander was Soletaken, able to assume the form and power of a huge black dragon, presumably due to his drinking of the blood of Tiam, a true Eleint or dragon. He was one of the three chosen sons of Mother Dark. His brothers were Silchas Ruin and Andarist.

Anomander Rake carried an enormous sword on his back. The sword was called Dragnipur, taken from its creator, the Elder God Draconus by Anomander Rake, who then turned it upon its creator.


Lets first complete the articles about he simulations I’ve run so far on the AI. The two first posts can be found here:
Simulation 1-8, Simulation 9-17

Simulation #18-19
The main changes in these simulations is that patrolling armies do not stray to far away from their own settlements. This decreased the number of combats, especially in simulation 19.

Simulation 18 – 3 min, 34 sec. 192 combats. 8 capitals, 10 cities, 10 large towns, 5 small towns and 26 watchtowers.
Simulation 19 – 3 min, 2 sec. 104 combats. 8 capitals, 16 cities, 4 large towns, 6 small towns and 41 watchtowers.

With these last simulations the first version of the AI is complete. Let’s summarise its abilities and features:

Scout AI

    Is able to explore new territory and to regularly re-scout already explored territory.
    Construct watchtowers to increase the territory that is automatically seen each turn.
    Keeps track of how many scouts there is on each land mass and requests more scouts when needed.
    Is able to use un-claimed military armies to patrol the territory around its settlements. When no threat is nearby the army it will help with scouting and re-scouting if needed.

Settlement AI

    Is able to improve the infra-structure of the terrain in order to improve the food output.
    Can construct new buildings by following the directives from the Governor. Production of companies/squadrons is ordered by the objectives (see below).


    Garrison armies in a settlement that requests a new garrison. If needed a new will be constructed and sent to the settlement.
    Construct a standing army that can be used to patrol and hunt after enemy scouts that comes to close its own borders.
    Send civilians to increase the population in settlements that has requested more population.
    Construct a settler army and use it to create a new settlement.

Strategic AI

    Develop new technologies by setting both primary and secondary research objectives.
    Updating the influence map with allied and enemy strengths.

The aim for the next version of the AI, Bottle, will be to make the AI able to assamble a larger army with the purpose to attack and conquer an enemy settlement and to make it able to respond to enemy attacks by putting together a defensive force to protect the settlement that is threatened.