The Hellhounds of Sweden…

.. did someone call us on a website. I kind of like it… :)

A new year has started and we have big hopes that this year will be even better than 2013. Last year saw us running a large open beta of Rising Empires before we launched it September 21st. After a couple of smaller updates we did a major update in the middle of December. New and improved graphics as well as new features like road building made this into a much more enjoyable experience for our players. Our work to get Rising Empires reviewed also paid off around this time. Rising Empires scored 4 or higher on multiple review sites with the highest scores at Hardcore Droid (4.8/5) and The Smartphone App Review (96%/100%). We’re overjoyed by this! The reviews, combined with our Christmas sale, gave us a record sale of 32 copies of Rising Empires Premium in a single day. We don’t sell thousands of copies but we sell a couple each day.

Without going into details of our plans for 2014 I thought I would let you all know that we’re working on a new update for Rising Empires. This is not a feature update like the update in December where we added lots of new content and graphics. The purpose of the coming update will be to fix bugs and errors in the code.

We’ve especially had some problems with Rising Empires using to much memory which causes crashes on some phones. Johan is currently re-doing the code that draws the map and when he gets it sorted we hope that the memory usage will decrease quite a bit. But we’re also trying to fix some errors in the behavior of the AI and all the bugs that have arisen since we launched version 1.2. We’ll publish the update as soon as we’re satisfied with the functionality of the new map.

We would also like to say thank you to all players that have rated the app on Google Play. At the time of writing Rising Empires have a rating of 3.98/5 (143 ratings) and Rising Empires Premium 4.36/5 (25 ratings). If you like Rising Empires please rate us on Google Play!

I wish you all a great 2014. Game on!

Peter & Johan
the Hellhounds of Sweden