Rising Empires is an epic 4x turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting, where six races compete for control of all the land on the Surface and in the Netherworld. Many reviewers compare the game with classic strategy games like Civilization and Total War.

The main features of Rising Empires are:

  • Six playable races, all with unique abilities making for very different game experiences
  • Two levels with cave openings to enable movement between them
  • All empires design their own troop types and give them abilities that suit their playing style
  • Play quick games with only two empires or long epic ones with up to 8 empires
  • An advanced combat system to battle it out with the different troop types
  • A well developed technology tree

The world of Rising Empires consists of two levels; the Surface and the Netherworld. While the Surface is the ancestral home to the long-lived Elves and the Humans, the dark caves below is the home of strange creatures like the unliving Ende, the brutal Greenskins, the insectoid Krant and the versatile Dwarves. Long tunnels connect the Surface with the Netherworld.

Rising Empires features a rich and large technology tree and loads of buildings ranging from regular marketplaces to structures unique to specific races. Expand by building both settlements and fortifications. And even better: design your own troop types and try to master the advanced combat system with your own strategy. Make war against other empires, undead Ghouls, raging Minotaur clans, secretive Lizard men and powerful Dragons!

The six races



Short, stocky bearded humanoids with a long memory.



Long and gracious creatures of the wild. They seem to love their bows.



Unliving terror who stand alone against the living races.



Hard and dark creatures that prefer living below ground. Comes in all sizes!



This is what you get when you mix elves and dwarves.



Small, swarming insects that eat everything in their path.



Develop society, improve farming techniques or make better swords and shields? Countless options allow you to mould your empire to fit your long term plan.

Burn down the lands of your enemies...


Contact your neighbouring empires, decide common borders and with time build up trust. Create an alliance, or stab them from behind...

Develop your lands...


Send small troops of scouts to reconnoitre the surroundings and armies of thousands of soldiers to conquer your neighbours. Or master the dangerous sea and invade distant coasts.

Contact your neighbours...


Found new towns and see them grow and flourish into cities and large province capitals. Make strategic decisions as you decide which areas your towns and cities will specialise in.

Defend your people...


Cavalry of footmen? Or a mix of both? You develop all your own troop types, deciding their abilities and combat values. Can they vanquish the troops of your enemies?


All screenshots in the gallery is taken from Rising Empires Premium

Wyvern king!

Wyvern king

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