Bug with excess buildings in settlements

Johan and I have located a bug with within the code that removes excess buildings in settlements. Sometimes when you build settlers or troops the population decreases in a settlement which means that the maximum number of buildings decreases.

There is an automatic function that removes a random building in the settlement when this happens. Unfortunately it always removes buildings in the capital instead. Johan and I will upload a new version of the game as soon as we can but until we’ve done this you can get around this error by manually demolishing excess buildings in settlements with too many buildings.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Changelog 1.5

Rising Empires and Rising Empires Premium have now been updated to version 1.5.

Recent changes text:
Major update adding line of sight to armies and settlements and improving the game economy. Added events from having a negative treasury and the new Empire report screen containing economic details. The normal mapsize has now also become selectable in the free version.

+ The normal map size is now selectable in the free version.
+ Implemented line of sight for armies and settlements.
+ Food output from Netherworld sectors increased.
+ Added new Empire report screen containing information on the economy.
+ Each turn with a negative treasury a random company will be disbanded.
+ Each turn with a negative treasury 1-3 buildings will be demolished in a settlement.
+ The map layout now shows turns remaining for many of the orders when an army is selected.
+ Armies now require 250 or more strength to give the pillage order.
+ The world tab in the new game layout is now scrollable on smaller screens.
+ Fixed bug which let a settlement keep more than the allowed number of buildings.
+ Fixed some known crashes and bugs.

Introducing line of sight and improved economy in Rising Empires!

The fifth update of Rising Empires introduces two new features that will seriously affect game play – Line of sight and punishment for running a bad economy. No longer will it be possible to sight enemies through solid rock walls or to invade enemy towns with unfunded armies. The changes will go live on Google Play and Amazon among others on March 31st.

“It has come to our attention that many players abuse the fact that there is no negative repercussions for an empire with a poor economy. These players will get a tough challenge now that they must limit their army to what they can actually pay for”, say the developers. The update will also add better economical information for the players easing their transition to the new game mechanics.

Rising Empires is a 4X strategy game available from Google Play and other app stores. In its recent review, the digital magazine Most Hardcore gave it 4.8 out of the maximum 5 and concluded ‘You’ll be hard pressed to find a mobile game that tackles the subgenre with greater success.’ Rising Empires was developed by the independent Swedish studio Hellhound Interactive owned by the two brothers Johan and Peter Norberg. We strive to create smart phone games which give a deeper gaming experience.


Rising Empires Premium at Google Play
Game tutorials
Most Hardcore magazine

small - Line of Sight Ismall - Line of Sight II
small - Economical details
small - Demolished buildingsmall - Deserting company

Version 1.5 goes live on Monday

Johan and I are currently working on the last feature that will be implemented in the next update of Rising Empires. This is a new ‘empire statistics’ screen that will give much more details on the economy of your empire. We’re planning to complete this today and spend the weekend playtesting the new features. The update will go live on Google Play, Amazon and Slide Me on Monday! :)

Warning – Fix your economy before the update!

We’ve understood that some of our players field massive armies, disregarding their poor economy, and make use of the fact that an empires can borrow huge amounts of gold without negative repercussions. I can only give you one advise, fix your economy or you’ll start seeing your soldiers deserting:Critical economy IAnd buildings in your towns and cities will be demolished due to you neglecting paying wages and maintenance:Critical economy IIYou have been warned! :)

Line of sight and effects of having a poor economy

Johan and I are busy with preparing the next update, version 1.5, of Rising Empires. Like the ‘Rivers and roads’ update the changes in this update will have a profound impact on the game play. Among the usual bug fixes and small enhancements we will add two new features to the game:
LOS Grey clans I

  • Line of sight – At the moment your armies and settlements can see through the solid rock in the Netherworld and the high mountains on the Surface. No more. This change will especially have a big impact on the Netherworld where it will be much tougher to scout and see the movements of other empires. Also, your towns and cities will only be able to collect food from sectors within line of sight. Again this will have a big impact in the Netherworld but food output from individual sectors will be increased to compensate.
  • An empty treasury – At the moment your empire can field massive armies even when you have an empty or negative treasury. No more. For each turn your empire has a negative amount of gold, soldiers will desert and buildings will be demolished. This will go on until your empire has started to fill up its coffins again.

LOS Grey clans IIIRising Empires and Rising Empires Premium have had a very good period since the publishing of Most Hardcore issue 2. More than 2500 new players of the free version and lots of people have bought the premium version. We’re not making a fortune but at least we’re not losing money any more…

The last few days Rising Empires has been mentioned on two sites. First it was recommended by a forum member on the Grogheads forum and secondly it reached the number 5 position in the Android Quality Index top 10 list for February. Good news all around. :)

Most Hardcore features exclusive review of Rising Empires and a strategy guide

Hardcore_cover issue 2The new issue of Most Hardcore, the digital magazine published by Hardcore Droid, features a four page exclusive review of Rising Empires as well as a four page strategy guide. Both articles are written by long time gamer John Markley. In the review John highlights many of the new features of version 1.2 like road building, new graphics for terrain improvements and interface improvements. These are new additions to the game since he wrote the review for Hardcore Droid. John seems to like us and we definitely like John.

The review and the strategy guide are great articles and we especially enjoyed reading the guide. Playing your own game is one thing but reading how other players master the game is a thrilling experience. At least until you realize they play better than yourself…

Most Hardcore is only for subscribing member of Hardcore Droid (only $9.99 a year) but they offer a discount of 20% (discount code: A9DA19247A) for a few weeks. Subscribe now and read their excellent strategy guide!

Yesterday we received our 200th rating at Google Play for Rising Empires and our 40th rating for Rising Empires Premium. We’re happy that both were fivers and Rising Empires now have a rating of 3.9 and Rising Empires Premium 4.2. Thanks to all of you that have rated Rising Empires!

Changelog 1.4

Rising Empires and Rising Empires Premium have now been updated to version 1.4.

Recent changes text:
This update adds new game settings map size and quickstart. It also fixes some of the known bugs and crashes in the game.

+ New game settings: map size and quickstart. Map size can be set to small, standard and epic. Quickstart changes whether all empires start with an additional town. These settings can only be changed in the premium version. In the free version map size is set to small and quickstart is disabled.
+ Doubled the population in the quickstart extra town.
+ Added checks when giving the build watchtower and settle orders that it is actually possible for the army to do them.
+ It is no longer possible to add a build project to a settlement that the empire can’t afford.
+ Fixed transfer bug which made it possible to have more than 20 companies in an army.
+ Fixed some known crashes and bugs.

Review of review sites that charge for reviews

My name is Peter Norberg and I represent a smallish indie studio called Hellhound Interactive. Since ‘nobody’ had ever heard about us, we decided to buy some reviews upon launching our new app at Google Play. You know, to get the ball rolling, since it’s very hard to get the big websites to review your game when you’re unknown.

Anyway, I thought I would review the sites that charge for reviews… For fun. And also to let you know what you get for your hard-earned cash.

As a starting point we used this list of sites. We took a closer look and contacted a selected number to see if they were alive. No way that we would pay money to a site if they couldn’t even answer an email, we figured. Upon ordering the review we sent each site a review copy of the game as well as a media kit with prepared screenshots. We also specified a date when the review should be published.

We have used the following categories when scoring the sites.

  • Correct app (0-3 points) – You might think this is a no-brainer, with us sending them a review copy of the game. But no, this proved to be quite tough for a few sites.
  • Screenshot quality (0-2 points) – The same goes here. With us sending them a media kit and a review copy some sites still managed to take screenshots from the wrong version of the game.
  • Service mindedness (0-2 points) – Did they answer emails? Some gave us the silent treatment as soon as they had published the review and refused to make corrections.
  • Review quality (0-2 points) – Was the text well-written? Did they describe the correct game?
  • Good score (0-1 point) – When you pay lots and lots of dollars for a review you expect a good review, don’t you? A score of 4/5 or higher equals one point.

The maximum score is 10 points and among the reviewed sites we rewarded two with the maximum score. Below are the sites we contacted and an account of our experience with them.

Alpha digits (3/10)
alphadigitsWhatever you do, never ever send a single dollar to Alpha digits! The review they made was a write-up based on the description of the game at Google Play. It was plainly obvious that they didn’t even play the game and the text they came up with instead described another type of game. At first we even suspected that they had Google-translated the review from another language! When we contacted them they responded in an aggressive manner and after that all our emails receive the silence treatment. Extremely poor service!

  • Correct app: 0/3
  • Screenshot quality: 2/2
  • Service mindedness: 0/2
  • Review quality: 0/2
  • Good score: 1/1